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Christian T-Shirts Carry Extreme Messages

Christian T-Shirts Carry Extreme Messages
5:31 am MDT April 18, 2005
LAWRENCE, Kan. -- This isn't your typical Christian retail store.

One business is selling more than the familiar symbols, slogans and signs of a faithful lifestyle.

Erin Mahoney, a clerk at Extreme Christian Clothing in Lawrence said that a shirt with aliens and a cross is popular. She said that the shirts sell by the dozen.

"This is one of our staples, the 'Got Jesus?' one," Mahoney said.

But there are edgier shirts for sale. Extreme Christian Clothing stores in Topeka, Kan., and Lawrence sell T-shirts with messages like "Satan Sucks," "My God can kick your god's butt," and "To Hell with the Devil."

"This is one of the ones that we get a lot of controversy about because it says, 'My God can kick your god's butt,'" Mahoney said. "It's meant to be lighthearted and not serious."

Mahoney said that the store has received some hate mail. But according to a specialist in forecasting trends, religious clothing with a bit of shock value is a growing fashion.

Store owner Lori Devins said, "Our shirts are a little extreme, but I think God is spreading the word and having the youngsters shout out their faith."

But Biola University professor Craig Detweiler worries that extreme messages could be offensive to non-Christians. He asks, "Did Jesus build bridges or burn them? Did Jesus ever say they shall know us by our T-shirts?"
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Like fluffy bunnies poking their heads out of their holes and shaking their little fists at lions.

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