Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Memento Mori/Vivendi

Death & The Devil

Arrive right around sundown. Find a spot just outside facing the grounds, setting up seats or remain in one's vehicle. Some parks feature significant events throughout the year, as well as those residents therein, even uplifting a toast to accomplishments. The focus is upon one's perpetuity, everlasting life, and immortality. While some mortals celebrate a turn in crone-ology with fireworks & firearms, still others have resigned themselves to excarnation, while one asserts longevity, strong life, health, wealth, & myriad pleasures and treasures.

The symbolism of the coffin is a doorway to rebirth. Some cemeteries offer events, allowing entry after sundown. To one with Gothic sensibilities, it ia a natural gravitation.

Arriving early in the afternoon or early evening silently walking along in the contemplation of scenery, artistry, architecture, and the invigorating dichotemies of life, death, and undeath, which is one's chosen resonance.

Herein this particular graveyard, walking up to the fountain, one could actually perceive the amassed sounds of voices thereabouts, for the discarnate utilize the elements to sound out, by the sounds of rain, wind {which becomes as voice {as the air are like lungs}, to fog, smoke, which can possibly reveal forms, certain lighting, reflections in mirrors, windows, and shadows which may gain the observer certain impressions reverberating in the atmosphere. It was like a cavalcade of voices all speaking at the same time, likened another world and civilization living their lives and expressing thoughts as done in former incarnations.

Tags: black earth, ghosts, new year, paranormal, supernatural, tales from the darkside, tales from the shadowside, travel

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