DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Fete Diaboli: Picnic with Iblis

Decided to take a trip over to a cemetery earlier today when I spotted an Islamic section therein with some sort of structure resembling a small black table and seat. A mosque? Mecca? Or "Middle Eastern Communist Alliance"...?

The intent is to enjoy an afternoon repaste in this peacefully beautiful environment. However, it occurred to Me that I was àbout to enjoy ham {Mo-ham-mad?}, so I made an event of it, and entered the section with the hammich, placing the package upon the ground briefly, and after Satanic Grace with an invocation unto Iblis, proceeded to finish the confection in pure satisfaction.

Whereupon requesting any sign of confirmation for this blasphemous sacrilege, I perceived a rumbling in the earth, followed by the distinct thought that this became a rift which opens a portal in this spot, for this has been made unhallowed ground.

Tags: adventure, autobiography, biogaphy, black earth, blasphemy, blindlight, diary, dining, dracumentary, food, paranormal, psychodrama, snackrifice, supernatural, travel

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