DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Solar Dragon

X-Dragon Solar charger

When on the go, it is important to have one's technological tools at one's employ whenever desired. Such is this wonderful device that accompanies one to one's adventures and foreys, with heavy duty enclosures to ensure operation and reliability, soaking up the radiation, converting it for one's usage, so one need never be without one's equipment , utilizing the very Forces of Nature to one's advantage. Intetestingly enough, the solar slats remind one of I-Ching striations.

Here I must give credit to none other than RiteAid for carrying some of those difficult-to-find items, and otherwise exclusive online, innovative, and experimental products made readily available in-store on the shelf, as well as quickly carrying whatever said suggested and/or requested items mentioned. In a cooperative effort, someone therein notes a good product and materializes it instore. Kudos for effort and initiative.

So while perusing this establishment for possible Yule {You-l} decor did I happen to spot this item I had been considering possessing, and so it became an immediate and appreciated acquisition. Diabolical Machinations are perpetually in order.

Available in 3 colorations set in black of Halloween orange, Goblin green, and baby blue, it quickly retains and preserves the initial charge for an everlasting amount of timeless, say if one desires a charge at 3am, plus it contains 2 ports with rubber protection guard, and is waterproof to boot.

Overall, if Batman had a portable recharging charger, it would look and operate like this.

Tags: adventure, black earth, nature, possessions, technology, technomancy, travel

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