Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Impromptu Rustic Ritual?

While out and about touring, visiting, camping, etc., the question has been raised as to what could one do if one doesn't happen to have any of one's fine psychodramatic instruments at one's immediate employment with which to focus and meditate? Consider these suggestions for an alternative:

  • I. Candles: Match, lighter. Or tea lights.
  • II. Chalice: Canteen, mug, cup, etc.
  • III. Sword: Knife, machete, stick, cane.
  • IV. Parchment: Any paper could do, even paper towel, napkin, or just spoken.
  • V. Burning Bowl: Metallic, stone, or clay surface, ashtray or soil. Molcajete.
  • VI. Bell: Any resonant metallic or glass surface; handclap or fingersnap.
  • VII. Gong: """""", drum or horn.

  • VIII. Baphomet/Pentagram: Either drawn on piece of drawing or note paper, or etched into earthen surface with stick, or blade of immolation. {Necklace or ring may consist of drawn or tattooed}.
  • IX. Litany: Invocation & Infernal Named from memory either spoken, whispered, or thought with intense visualization.

  • X. Robe: Black clothing or nude.
  • XI. Altar: Table with black cloth, treestump; Pentagram carved upon groundsoil or circle of stones perimeter.
  • XII. Another option is an attache' suitcase with firm bottom for implements preserved in velveteen bags, and Baphomet attached under top.
    Tabernacle of Satan II
  • XIII. Altargirl/boy: Satan's little helper. {S/Hemanuencis, S/HErmaphrodite}. First and foremost, they should be if one's fetishistic preference with whom one has had carnal knowledge. Of course, depending upon sexual preference, one or both genders may qualify. They shall be either seated upon a "Throne" {or a reasonable facsimile thereof, decorated as such}, positioned in Baphomet Enthroned posture, with tools arranged about their body. Candles held in apprpriate hands, chalice, phallus bell, etc., received as needed. Skull may rest in-between legs, phallus even inserted, if favored. They shall be either nude, or attired fetishistically with lingerae and/or costumed with cloak.
  • XIV. Sheer concentration of being at one's Altar, proceeding through the motions, etc. This may perhaps cause a reverberation upon the Ethers ehich may actually cause certain reactions to occcur within The Ritual Chamber itself. Reports have indicated sounds of disembodied breathing, to objects moving by themselves, and 'The Presence'. ∞
Tags: adventure, black earth, greater magic, oddities, psychodrama, ritual, travel

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