Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Zelda's Revenge?

Parolee killed after taking infant daughter hostage during standoff

The infamy of Galster Park has been supplemented by another veritable sacrifice given unto the nefarious legends surrounding it. Now the deceased held his own toddler daughter hostage, threatening to kill himself as well, while the mother pled with Police to save the girl, when a standoff ensued for several hours until shot to death and baby rescued. Good riddance!

Galster Park is the location of The Legend of Zelda's tunnels, where cults and sacrifices are said to occur, as well as the legend of a serial killer likened Fred Krueger was active.

By scouting quite carefully, one may locate an entrance to the subterranean labyrinth below, where the ghost of Zelda is said to haunt.

This brings to mind the Glaxiola case where a girl was dragged to death through miles of Turnbull Canyon, seemingly further stimulating the mysterious occurences therein.

So now that blood has been spilled anew at Zelda's Tunnels, will this activate demonic forces lurking at the threshold therein? We shall see...

Tags: black earth, crime, nefarious news, paranormal, supernatural, tales from the shadowside

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