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Pentruvian Wo/man


There are Satantric correlations upon the Vitruvian Wo/man within the Pentagram in descending levels of stimulus and increasing pleasure preparing the moistness to flow to receive the Lingam, by following a lightning trail down.

Dress her in whichever costuming desired to stimulate fetishes. The hands shall indicate the next progression. I.e., the hands whenupon the mouth, hands shall move towards neck and breasts, to navel, between legs, etc. Also periodically rub hands about back and embracing closely. Modify according to gender.

Satantric Chakras

LAYER I: Foreplay

  • Ears/Eyes: Music & video, sight & sound stimulation, lighting & decor. Atmospheric & Environmental stimulus, accentuation.
  • Mouth: Repast & philtre enjoyment. Introduction of Satan's Potions & Leviathan's Libations.
LAYER II: Erogenous Zones
  • Mouth: Soft kissing, gentle sucking upon lips and tongue, gentle biting and tongue swirling combinations gradually increasing intensity and periodic deep tongue plunging.
  • Neck/ears: Beginning with gentle kissing and tonguing incrementally increasing to sucking on the skin, bestowing The Devil's Mark, even in a necklace fashion. or singular hidden about the hairline and ears.
  • Breasts: Alternating from one to the other in tongue swirling motions, clockwise and counter-clockwise about the areolas, sucking nipples in with gentle biting.
  • Navel: Tongue swirling about the perimeter onto insertion, and suckling upon surrounding flesh of the tummy area. Kissing gently and further descending below slowly with increasing hunger.
  • Snuffling and rubbing one's face into the mons pubis with some kissing thereunto, and even the bare flesh besides, running the tongue thereunto.
  • Running the tongue about the labia, gently penetrating further to part the lips and taste the now rushing sove, then taking the clitoris between the lips, suckling with the tongue in adjoining circular movements in both directions, horizontally and parallel-wise, alternating until climax occurs, all the while inserting digits in a constant friction, upwards and downwards feeling the spongy striations within.
  • Turn the other cheek: By now, her natural lubrication combined with saliva will have trickled further down to the underside. Now while still stimulating the clitoris, with the mouth, the insertion of fingers of one hand, gently trail another finger into bottom with circular massaging motions. Eventually move tongue therein upon left to right "cheeks" with gentle kissing, sucking, as this is very sensitive flesh, then eventually inserting finger therein, then another as comfortable to do so. Then eventually with tongue in similar movements as with cunnilingus, with alterations between the two.
  • At any point in timeless, she will be either prepared to return the oral favor, and/or introitus now, engaging in all manner of imaginative positions desired as mentioned in Satanasutra. While joyfully entering into her, alternate between her vagina, to breasts, to periodically inserting lingam into mouth. Thus, shall one be enjoying her in totality. Then while in accordance, take her dorsal, using fingers while plunging into her simultaneously as well.
LAYER V: Dorsal
  • Nape of the neck: A primal, sensitive stimulus releasing endorphins. Gentle kissing, soft sucking, biting.
  • Shoulders & shoulder blades: Carresses, ",",",".
LAYER VI: Besse Infame {The center}
  • Dimples of Venus/Buttocks: Kiss, tongue, caress, gentle biting.
  • Cleft: "French kiss", digit, edible, object insertions.
  • Option: Back of thighs, hamstrings, calves, feet, as fetish indicates.

Overall, if s/he is inversed, then there is the fun and mutually gratifying option of 69!

Tags: erotica, lust, pleasures of the flesh, satanasutra, satantra, sexology, sexuality, sin

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