DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Witchat Sunbrella

Along with the given sunbrella, it just so happens that a witch hat is completely applicable as a 'sun hat', but with added Gothic appeal. Plus, for additional protective shade, adding a veil draped about peak and brim makes an even more practical, hellegant statement. Just add shades, perhaps skullbuds, and the complete lightmare shielding outfit is formulated. Plus a shawl for cooler weather.

Materials tend to be light, the brim wide, and available in assorted styles to personal taste. A plethora of varieties are readily available throughout the Halloween season, and otherwise online and Halloweentown of course the year through, where one may possess fetishistic costumes as well.

~ The Wicked Warlock of The West

Tags: aesthetic, black earth, clothing, gothic, halloween, nature, novelties, oddities, possession, weather, witches

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