Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Black Mass-acre

NEFARIOUS NEWS: Church Massacre

It is fascinating watching from Hell, these events unfold from Sutherland, TX {as in the devilicious Vivian Sutherland, Midnight Offerings}, in the wake of feeling an intense urge to possess inverted crosses the night before. One of which is presently upon the wall, and another at the foot of the Altar presently, for certain purposes. It seems this may have been a precognitive impulse {like the sudden feeling of vitriol for a so-called "cowboy" the day prior to the Vegas Massacre}, with their acquisition perhaps further intensifying events.

It seems that the charcter of the shooter has come into question. Rightfully dishonorably discharged from the airforce military, for domestic abuse, and may have been experiencing PTSD as well.

My impression is that these country types were hypocritically, pretentiously backstabbing he and maybe even his family with blackmail, and wouldn't let him live down his reputation, gossipped against him, plus who knows what else manipulative behavior, then he snapped and pursued revenge. All their claims were probably exagerrated, as such a small town tends to want to meddle in others' affairs, poking around where they don't belong, etc., so he simply got back at them plainly. Then shot himself afterwards, which makes for a total of 27 {2+7=9} fatalities.

Maybe they were trying to talk his wife away from him, making her consider a divorce, perhaps, and he happens to loved she and child in his own warped way. Ironically, this attitude is more along the lines of the recommended scriptural attitude in the subjugation of women, but now even these fundies have become subject to popsychology.

For Me, what really determined an uncontrolled personality was the tale wherein he kept a pitbull puppy out in the front lawn of the trailer park, and was witnessed kicking the little fella in the head several times, prompting a Police call, wherein a brief standoff occured. So he was known to law enforcement. Couple this with probable compulsory imbibement, substance abuse issues, and something like this was bound to happen some day for one reason or another. But the key component here seems to be the smother-in-law who is aparrently one of the deceased. She was probably meddling in this psycho's business, so this would be an inevitable result.

It would have been a small bit better had the church burned down afterwards.

So now the mother and child are orphaned without a father and grandmother in podunk, pignuckle Texas... GOOD RIDDANCE.

Again, even though shot at by illiterate, trigger happy badshot redneck trash, the shooter named "Devin" {perhaps an opening there for the resemblence to Devil for possession}, took himself out afterwards, nice and neat, like the Vegashooter Paddock as well. I'm sure those so-called "victims" were most likely quite despicable in their own self-righteousness. I know the type. I.e., typically hypocritical, double-talking, gossips, meddling, petty, spineless, cowardly, and most likely deserved their fate overall.

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