Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Sound of braying

...will only attract wolves.

NEFARIOUS NEWS: Sounds like farts in the wind

So I divulged recently that the Sound is to suckcum to new management, and start playing xtard crap out of there.

It will just be like taking the party elsewhere after lame-ass boring parents arrive. Let's go to Satan's house for the afterparty where the REAL FUN begins!

However, when in the mood to do so, I liked having the option of turning around the dial between KNAC or KLOS, Jack, The Sound, KROQ, etc., to catch favorites and avoid commercials.

What's happening here is tantamount to suicide, which is ironic, considering the major deed of the patron god of weakness is death by Roman, but we were glad to do it!

I predict if this transition occurs, it will be temporary until they vanish in their own "rapture", which sounds like flushing! Good riddance!

Whereupon a temporarily phased pre-Devin Black evilution, there used to be a xoid radio station named KFSG that played all that weak ass crap; the vacuum sound of sucking nazarene flaccidity.

I liked Pirate Radio before The Sound, which did play a wider variety of rock variations like grunge, hard rock, and some pop metal, though still not quite matching KNAC or KLOS {thankfully, the latter seem to be merging closer! With shows Horns Up & Whiplash as indications}.

So obviously, listeners of The Sound will continue to tune in to KLOS for broadcast Rock, which was already being done anyway between the two.

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