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NEFARIOUS NEWS: The (Boy+girl) Scouts of America?

I Am reminded of that funtastic scene in The Addams Family film wherein Wednesday & Pugsley are running a refreshment stand outside the hotel where they are temporaily residing, wherein a girlscout cums along offering her cookies. To which Wednesay replies if they are made out of real girlscouts. Well now, if that proposition goes through, it may be either/or, except now you'd hypothetically have an additional selection with the option for peanuts! But I suppose it depends on mood, which also calls to mind that Mounds/Almond Joy commercial.

Interestingly enough, I used to sell My honey roasted peanuts on the weekends as well to contribute to tuition for Y Camp, and did quite well.

So are they trying to be like the YMCA? Which even itself establishes a difference with the existrnce of a YWCA. Both genders have certain issues that should he attended to nascent to their needs.

The girlscouts already have their organization, so why are they trying to join the Boyscouts? Though I think they are both quite lame, they certainly do have fetishistic appeal, and are fodder for fantasy. But they should stick to themselves, unless it becomes just a generalized "Scouts" overall, then there will definitely be some fucking going on, not just the usual secretive homosexual experimentation, but intersexual congress, which will maybe yield another "life lesson" between eachother, and perhaps the 'councelors' as well, if Y Camp is any indication, and thank Dome Fossil for that!

After all, the Y could get somewhat Romanesque or Greek in that sense at times, where natural curiosities between other campers {and sometimes CIT's!} were rewarded with carnal knowledge and pleasure, especially during 'sleepovers', and that is as it should be. ∞

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