DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Hail SatAin...!

Reign In Hell: Martin Ain

Thou hast certainly desered thine Throne in Hell. Thine sceptor is thine infernal instrument which stirred the hellfire keys of emotion within the minds and flesh of thousands of empowered souls, opening those Gates unto the Netherealms.

I First became acquainted from the back of the Morbid Tales album, and on a postcard I was given by the owner of The Private Eye. Along with Tom Warrior and Reed St. Mark, Martin Ain stood out most diabolically with the widow's peak, leather trenchcoat, black silken shirt, and Gothic jewelry. Truly in their hellement, they looked like they came up out of Hell and the photographer was fortunate enough to snap this shot, though he may not have survived afterwards, unless they deemed further use.

The heavy musick is absolutely hellsent as well. Plus the artwork upon the albums and the deadly overall complementary aesthetics of Daemon Giger's Artistry of Hell, created a sensation and spectacle to resonate forever in the skulls and bones, and dimensions of those who can feel and resonate.

Curiously, one day when I showed that postcard to the schoolbus driver, inquiring whom he thought looked the most Evil, he immediately pointed at Ain.

Overall, this disincarnation is irrelevant. considering the musick is timeless, and shall continue to be enjoyed powerfully, indefinitely. Well done, Sonic Sorcerer, now possess ye the minds and bodies of those whom ye will. The Gates are open!

Tags: malefick musick, metal, rip

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