Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Season of The Witch


Nox Arcana: Season of The Witch

LII A.S. / Monolith Graphics / Joseph Vargo, William Pietrowski / genre: Classical, Orchestral, Instrumental, Gothic

Perfectly hellmarked Friday the 13th {1331}, upon the hallowinds comes forth to The Haunted Noctuary...

We are greeted by Mother Halloween and Sister Witch to meet and gather 'round the earthen bones through the darkness unto the bonefire amidst skeletal trees, 'neath the glowing harvest moon of Hecate.

Each opus absolutely fulfills the triple 666 stancheons of Malefick Musick considerations:


6. From the superb cover art, Raven's Hollow opens to reveal an alluring scene of a beautiful Witch in necromantic rapport surrounded in wondrous spellcrafts of The Black Arts & Witch Crafts, the shades of darkness on the nyte of the ghouls. Grimoire, memento mori, feline and avian familiars, the chalice affirming the allegiance one to another with The Dark Forces of Nature, the alchemy of the hellements fire & brimstone, children of Belial and Lucifer, infernal flames 'neath the Baphomet-festooned cauldron's brew...

She is magnificent in Gothic splendor, conducting The Powers of The Moon & The Night, framed by the harvest moon. I'm sure Warlocks & Witches can profoundly relate to this depiction, wherein The Forces of Darkness flow through oneself so potently, when all is in coalescence, where one is the incarnation of Satan, Lilith, Baphomet, everything.

The veritable Booklet of Shadows leads us further into enchanted grounds in enchanted worlds, our beloved Mother Halloween points the way to Hallow's Gate in riddle & rhyme sublime.

There upon the stones the diagrams unfold, the mandragore's secrets, by talismanic incantations, and Magical oak's sanguinous touch. Through hellfire, the black scroll emerges by Devil's hand writ, another key manifests, souls by black thorned vines enraptured.

Cryptographs by parapsychodramatic dimensions unleashed! Even the blackened disc itself carries the Omnigram* 'neath another invocation still, 13 to complete the spell. Decipher the riddle to bring the spirit of Halloween even closer nigh.


6. Each splendid orchestration certainly complements One's Nocturnal activities, whether shadowy rites or sweet carnal pleasures, making potent accentuation to the Samhain season and throughout the year. Each takes you throughout the seasons in Hell, through the 13 moons, beginning upon these Witching nytes.


6. From the nefarious narrations by dear Sister Witch, opening the way through the enchanted forest through the deep, dark Shadowlands, setting the tone and casting the first spell to finding your way upon this gnarled and sinister path.

The descriptions further enhance the journey within, to the incantations of Theban legendry, the opus is complete.

* The Omnigram is Satanic in the sense that it represents the totality of Magic, to help or hinder; As Above, So Below materialization, and the Male/Female polarities in Satan & Lilith, Baphomet All-One.
Draconian trivia: The Omnigram was used on the cover of pre-Dracomeroth tome The Omnis, which includes the All-Seeing Eye, Amun, Udjat, 3rd Eye.

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