DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Haul-O-Ween V


Upon the 18th October I went forth again for another Helloween possession foray.

  • Deathbox: Acquired another coffin recepticle, or "Deathbox", in which one can preserve the Construction of Destruction parchment until immolation, then preserve the ashes mixed with graveyard dirt, along with some skulls and bones, then perhaps with the option of burying the contents at a graveyard.
  • Bag o' bones: A collection of 25 small bone fragments and skulls that fit perfectly in the Deathbox. These are delightful and can be assembled to form a full skelaton, or disassembled with ghoulish meditation upon sacrifices as desired. May be preserved in a private location, or stealthily dispensed in the area of the accursed.
  • Black Spiderweb stand: Ideal for pastries and/or presentation of figurines, statuettes, pumpkin, jack-o-Lantern, a severed head or a skull. Can even be used as a small table.
  • Black spiderweb cloth: Will absolutely add a hellegance and complementary aesthetics wo wherever it is placed - tables, appliances, or even hung up like a veil. A sheer sexy black material likened lace.

Then what should I unexpectedly discover at a nearby antique shoppe but a Draconian stand perfect for an "Agga Mas Serratu" burning bowl through which to Hellementally transform and transmit the etheric interdimensional parchment materialization of Will. Also perfectly admits the Satanium underneath base center, by The Grace of Satan, which is complete Infernal Providence. HAIL SATAN. ∞

Tags: black earth, greater magic, halloween, magic, necronomicon, novelties, oddities, possessions, seasons in hell

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