Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Banana-fana fo festions...

A. Age {less}: timeless, Vampire.
B. Biggest fear: Subjugation to a tyrannical system, like a theocracy, dictatorship, etc.
C. Current "time": 9:50 in the hour of Satan.
D. Drink you last had: Iced coffee with Hazelnut & Vanilla-Caramel creamers.
E. Easiest person to talk to: Myself, Satan, Cabbage.
F. Favorite song: Varies by whatever tune is playing in My head at the time. Don't think I have any one particular song Tastes vary according to genre and mood.
G. Ghosts. Are they real? Yes. As repetetive environmental impressions {REI's, or "rays"}; and interactive projections. One may place an image onto a communicative consciousness as a thoughtform cover for relation and familiarity. Otherwise they also tend to communicate through dreams and spontaneous mental impressions.
H. Hometown: North Hollywood as The Dracling. Baldwin Park as Devil Dave; others beyond.
I. In Love With: Sinthea/Pandora, Mystique, Macabra... Love Never Dies. In Lust with all the others too, which attracted Me in the first place. Dementia, Arius, Luna, Kitty, Kerrie, Sunny...
J. Jealous of: Those inferiors upon whom their affections are wasted upon.
K. Killed someone: Most definitely YES! And proud of it! With pleasure upon deserving sacrifices who so willingly came forth to be My victims, and good riddance to rotten rubbish!
L. Last time you cried: Yesterday from frustration, which was then attended to at The Altar.
M. Middle Name: Satan, Lucifer, The Devil, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, etc.
N. Number of siblings: ZERO, thankfully. Not counting estranged 1/2 brother & sister and much prefer it that way, unless they have money or sex to offer.
O. One wish: To be able to have sex with whomsoever I desire whenever I desire, in any manner I desire.
P. Person you last called: Cabbage.
Q. Question you're always asked: Not so much anymore, for I suppose it is known, but "Are you a Satanist/Vampire/Witch, etc.?" HELL YES.
R. Reason to smile: In public, whenever I get dental issues taken care of. Otherwise, either a memory of, expectation of, or during, sex.
S. Song last sung: "He's A Devil In His Own Home Town" by Irving Berlin. And I Am, too!
T. Time you woke up: At the dreadful hour of 7:30 am or so, as I Am supernaturally Nocturnal.
U. Underwear color: Skin, or none.
V. Vacation Destination: European vacation, especially the ancestral Mediterranean homelands. Otherwise, all the major amusement parks, especially Universal Studios to see Hogwarts & Knott's Scary Farm to see Elvira!
W. Worst habit: Biting fingerclaws and procrastination.
X. X-Rays you've had: Dental and left arm, from when I broke it in 6th grade playing some yardball game, and dental just a couple of weeks ago. at a wonderful Victorian office.
Y. Your favorite food: Corned beef, tomatopotato, corn, hellapeno combinations. soucream donuts for breakfast and dessert. Clean and artfully presented pudenda.
Z. Zodiac Sign: ♒ AQUARIUS. Looks like the dorsal ridge on Leviathan, thorns, spikes, and flying bats, demons, basilisks. Hellement water represents the dark subconscious, shadowside, the unknown, mysteries, occult knowledge & Power. ∞

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