Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

13 Dracommendations

Friday 13th Dracommendations

Also known as Templar Vengeance Day, Grim Reaper day, Death Day, Memento Mori day {to accentuate memento vivendi, of course}, but whatever you do, it should be spent with some gesture of recognition, preferably with a combination of ritualistic and celebratory manner. Each of the following complements the other, which may be preceeded or followed.

  • RITUAL. Hexcellent for Curses. Initiate a new execution on some obnoxious and deserving sacrifice, or supplement an existing one. Utilize all that stimulating dreadful energy in the atmosphere to one's advantage, for one's shadowy purposes.
  • Picnic In A Cemetery. Surrounded in statuary and elegant natural surroundings, while also accumulating additional energy for Cursing purposes, while collecting some supplies along the way. Like graveyard dirt. You may wish to take along some remnants like vials or parchments, coffin recepticles, effigies of the soon-to-be-departed, while celebrating their pain and punishment.
    Recommended repaste should be of a somewhat ghoulish manner, such as odd dishes not normally tried; or menudo, perhaps {"gut soup"}; exotic dishes, and of course, some sort of sweets {Halloween candy, if possible} is most appropriate if served in a likewise ornate and/or ghoulishly novel manner. Attire should be of an elegantly erotic, Gothic, or Noir aesthetic. Of course, preceded by Satanic Grace.
  • CEREMONY: Performance of L'Air Epais &/or Le Messe Noir from The Satanic Rituals, to aknowledge the nefarious origins of the day, and watch [video].
  • Masquerade Ball/Costume Party: Have a party or feast consisting of 13 total, each with a candle and/or skull representing a Templar {BYOS/C}. Meal should consist of a Mideival theme {meats, cheeses, breads, wine, beer, etc}.
  • Field Trips: Travel to a Rennaissance-type Faire, or a theme park like Mideival Times for entertainment and feasting.
  • Museum exhibitions and festivals featuring subject matter, artistry and sculptures of a darkened nature. Bodyworlds is excellent.
  • Concerts of a darkened nature wherein the themes are morbidly inclined.
  • Search around and attend or host a screening event with libations drunk from goblets and/or skull mugs and glasses.
Multimedia Recommendations
  • FILMS: Tombs of The Blind Dead series marathon. The Devil's Rain, Midnight Offerings, The Devil's Nightmare, The Exorcist, House & Night of Dark Shadows, The Devil's Daughter, The Devil's Men {Land of The Minotaur}, Legacy of Satan, Asylum of Satan, The Devil's Children, The Devils, The Blood on Satan's Claw, etc.
  • MUSIC: Anything King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Danzig, Nox Arcana, Midnight Syndicate, Classical Horror soundtracks, Halloween themes, all Death Rock, also see The Dark Rock list.
  • Satanic Panic & Serial Killer Marathon: Gather up those VHS tapes and watch the hellarity ensue. See Satanic Panic Archives.
  • Jungian Psychology: Friday the 13th is ideal for Tarot Readings, Seances, Ouija board, and Magical experimentation.
  • Satantra: Sex in a coffin, casket, graveyard {may be considered part of L'Air Epais}.
  • DECOR: Mideival themes, Memento Moris and inverted crosses, mockery, blasphemy.
Tags: 13, anti-xian, antichrist, antixian, black mass, blasphemy, christinsanity, educational, friday 13th, friday the 13th, history, holiday, magic, memento mori, psychodrama, psychology, psychology of religion, ritual, satantra

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