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The Edge of Evil


Edge of Evil: The Rise of Satanism in America

For a White Wolf, Jerry "long neck" Johnston just looks like another programmed drone himself, much like those he interviews. This presentation asserts all of the Satanic Panic notions, plus making some doozies up along the way, as they all tend to do, thus forming the sociological "satanistic bible", not the actual Satanic Bible. This one focuses particularly on teenagers, and I will have to admit that I too checked the list on most points except for suicidal tendencies, infaniticide and narcotic abuse charges, but the rest of it sounds like quite a party.

But as far as these points of interest are concerned, they tend to run thusly, with some personal elucidations:

  • Listens to awesome music {of the Metal genre} like Venom, Slayer, Ozzy, and so many others.
  • Preference for a better class of friends who share in one's interests, naturally.
  • Speaks with a 'different' vocabulary. Read: eloquence, educated, intelligent, and imaginative manner ascertaining metaphor and sarcasm.
  • Preference for being alone. To study one's preferred subject matter while "homework" tends to be completed at school where it belongs. Preference for introspection, self determination, striving for autonomy, independence, responsibility, individuality.
  • Dressing differently. In a more individualistic manner that pleases oneself, sometimes displaying personal interests, plus black is always hellegant and classy, showing character and quality.

As far as the alleged insignia drawn about the web of the thumb and forefinger, I suppose that is for secret identification purposes between cult members, which can be foreseeably hidden at all times, only exposed upon notification to certain others, with an aknowledgement that can be returned, perhaps accompanied with a wink and a nod. The symbol could be a pentagram, the universally recognized symbol of The Devil, perhaps inclusive of an emergent Baphomet; or a 666 in various configurations, which also just so happens to coincide with The Cornu gesticulation itself, the bends of fingers forming the triumvirate as well; Maybe even an inverse cross! Perhaps each with a secret message of some dire deed to be done that day, depending upon the insignia.

The beginning of the video is comprised of the impressionable, the psychophantic, and attention hounds who are obviously fabricating these scenarios for airtime, just like Johnston who eggs them on for exaggerations with the typical leading questions, yet they all have been apparently inducted themselves into the christian subCULTure with levels of involvement dictated by varying crappy hairstyles!

Not a master of segueways, among his rambling, Johnston eventually confesses to his own petty criminal past of being a shoplifter and pothead, blaming a couple of stoner bullies he met on the school bus. Once arrested, he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself with his belt, and it shows.

He's also not very good with dates. The Church of Satan was founded on Walpurgisnacht of 1966, The Satanic Bible was published three years later on 1969, The Satanic Rituals in 1972, and so on.

This presentation is an outgrowth of the book by the same name, who like the much better produced Bob Larson productions In The Name of Satan and In Satan's Name seminars with accompanying traveling road show.

Ironically, The Edge of Evil book includes a foreword by none other than Gerrraldo Rivera, who himself just so happens to have a questionable tattoo upon the bend of the thumb! However, to better divulge Johnston's character and quality, see this interview.*

But as tends to be the case, these accusations & assumptions are either misdirection and projections of their own predispositions, complete misinformation, and paranoid exagerrations, all to bring more money into the miserable ministries by inducing fear into the gullible. Again, all asserting the undefiled wisdom of The 9th Satanic Statement.

* Note: Zeena "Schreck" is no longer relevant to Satanism.

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