Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Haul-O-Ween IV

Another launch forth upon leathern wings to possess supplies and/or decor for the rest of the year, yields several more items of interest.

Oyama/Yen-Lo-Wang mask: A very Asian-appearing mask to represent the Oriental Devils of The Infernal Names pantheon. Thusly attributed for similar resemblence to classic Asian art depictions of Buddhist Hell. A perfect complement.

Midgard/Damballah/Set mask: Instantaneous serpentine addition in a hybrid anthropomorphic representation from the serpent in the garden offering knowledge and wisdom to successfully counter an imposing force, the kundalini lust for life and pleasure; monstrous Son of Loki, and terrible Voodoo God, and ancient Lord of the night and winds.

Skull ribbon wreath: Hellegant black-ribboned skull, perfect to complement any door, or perhaps as a pediment. Boneus; eerie red light glows from within blackened sockets as if possessed by the spirit of Hællloween!

Camazotz plaque: The nightwing of The Underworld represented in this well-crafted plaque. Perhaps also as a subtle nod to The Batman, Satanic Antihero.

Dungeon lock: Large prop lock with chain to keep unwelcomed visitors out, or to keep 'something' in...

Bodyparts: Now is also a hexcellent opportunity to acquire bodypart facsimilies like hearts, brains, hands and feet, for symbolic use in workings to accentuate visualizations with tactile stimulation which enhances projections. For instance, initiating a heart attack, elevated blood pressure, etc., by naming the target and squeezing the cardiovascular muscle with the victim in mind; utilizing the brain to initiate confusion, deterioration in mental faculties, accentuation of existing mental illness predispositions, an aneurism, etc.; Hands for punishment of thieves, which tends to result in either loss of the appendage through accident and disease, or steady desensitization as well as development of arthritis, cause of disequilibrium at precisely arranged dangerous moments; feet for imbalance, literal loss. Of course, these artifacts may also be employable for healing purposes as well, modified to appropriation.

Hanging Lantern: Dracorated with flying bats, considered demonic creatures which were said to arise from The Underworld into the mortal sphere at dusk, even as devils to roam the earth at night, wherein the sun sank into Hell, as one can actually perceive the hellfires of The Abyss upon the horizon at this enchanting time. A pleasantly gloomy glow of charming phosphorescence.

Flamingos: Lo and behold, they seem to have multiplied! Now there are 1, 2,3,4... 4! 4 zombie flamingos! Ah, ah, ah. I suppose the passersby are quite tasty in these parts!

Tags: black earth, curios, curse, decor, diary, dracumentary, greater magic, halloween, mental illness, oddities, paranormal, parapsychology, possessions, psychodrama, psychology, rip, seasonal

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