Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

It's Tom Petty!

I had a friend in Jr. High named Mike Thaney [?] {pronounced "tay-nee"} who looked like a veritable doppelganger for Petty. As a matter of fact, there was an instance wherein a girl passing by in the hallway pointed, smiled, and pleasantly remarked "It's Tom Petty!", which I think he took as a complement, even though we thought the great majority of the students there were complete morons, airheads, and posers.

He sported a mullet-like hairstyle with droopy eyes and slackjaw to match, like a stoner. He listened to classic rock like Jimi Hendricks, Lynrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, and The Doors, etc., which temporarily notivated Me to put up a few pictures from Rock magazines up on my wall at the time.

I only ever saw him at school, where we both seemed out of place amongst all the moral orals there. We were both attempting to get expelled from that nàzarene vacuum, eventually gratefully succeeding, where I landed in San Fernando High.

I was taken by the arm or collar by the principal himself I think, after spotting Me in-between classes with open MO jacket displayibg a band shirt with hair steadily growing over My collar and ears. Then the councelor woman in the office thought I was turning up my eyes at her {maybe I was a little, instinctively as she was pontificating some sort of idiotic spiel}, but the truth is, I was excited to get the Hell out of there and evilive! My mother was very displeased st these devilopments, giviñg Me a couple of whacks with a wire hanger she brought along, which I thought was hellarious.


Then there was the time we set fire to a locker, burning someone's lame newave pictures. However, nearby another locker, I discovered a Whitesnake "Slide It In" recorded tape!

The last day I saw Thaney was after I was cheering him on while he pummeled some obnoxious christard. ∞

- Mr. Hellvedere.

Tags: autobiography, diary, dracling, dracumentary, history, infernal progeny, school

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