Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Noird

Besides the guy who hosts or runs that Muscular Dystrophy charity show, Jerry Lewis is more or less unfamiliar to Me, though I've seen mention of him from time to time in various presentations. To Me, he seems the nerdly prototype of goofy characteristics - the awkward, cross-eyed, runtish, nervous, bespeckled traits and all, who was also perhaps kept on by The Rat Pack crowd as a mere jester, although it is unclear if they were laughing with him, or unintentionally at him in private.

The parts played also gave the distinct impression of always being very 'green' acting, and pathetically, sadly, virginal, though presented humorously so.

Butt apparently, he turned into quite a real asshole in realife, according to associates. A seeming polar opposite of his on-screen persona, in a predictably schizophrenic malfunction.

Perhaps he was inspirational to the likes of Jim Carey, John Ritter, Paul Reubens, and others, in a sort of slapstick, self-depricating manner, for the movies give the impression of the misadventures of a goofball. Perhaps he may be referred to as "The Noird"*, thusly emerging from that stimulating era, and birthing the lovable modernerd archetype. ∞
* ...which could also foreseeably affectionately refer to someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of Noir cinema.

Tags: cinema, comedy, diary, humor, loki's laughter, rip, social commentary, social observation, society, sociology

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