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Sexual Magic


Sexual Magic
4/30/2001 c.e. Directed by Edward Holzman; Starring Jezebelle Bond, Jacy Andrews, Amber Newman, Teanara Kai, Nikki Fairchild and Jared Lincoln. 85 minutes

A pretty blonde-haired college girl {Jacy Andrews} moves into a house which, unbeknownst to her, is populated by room-mates who also happen to be... Witches - not Halloween hags mind you, but gorgeous, succulent ones who tip the Lust balance factor decidedly to the left.

The film begins with a mysterious and scantily-clad masked woman casting a separation spell on a couple, beseeching the dark forces for victory over her rival, the nubile Andrews, who is completely ignorant of Witchcraft, and is in the beginning, taken aback and skiddish of the subject as a whole, until her room-mates begin to help her in her academic and romantic endeavors. It is an impressive introductory scene, especially with her remarkable attire, which includes a proper pentagram centered about her breasts held together with a series of chains at the points, creating very lovely ritualistic ornamentation.

Eventually, they ask Andrews to join their "Coven of The Pentagram" lead by Jezebelle Bond, a brunette bombshell who takes a liking to Andrews, for their eventual mutual gratification, even though she is engaged to be married. She does attend one of their informal gatherings, where one of the girls {Taenara Kai} states her innermost desire, to find a man that will be her absolute soul-mate, desiring to be rid of her virginity with such a special partner, and they all arrange a ritual date to aid in her goal. {A Satanic Witch can easily accomplish this using Lesser Magic, wile and guile, to gain the lover she seeks}. One of the girls' {Nikki Fairchild} boyfriend arrives {seems that he was also summoned via a previous Lust Spell}, and later depart for D/s carnal indulgence {in sunglasses and high-heels, no less!}, spied by Andrews, who soon afterwards reposes upon a couch to satisfy her own inspired passion.

Suddenly, Andrews begins experiencing a slew of misfortunes from missing a class, the car not starting, a broken heel, a failed exam, and her fiancee' breaking off the engagement, which arouses the suspicion of the other witches that some ol' Black Magic is afoot, and thereby initiate a counter-spell, eventually walking into Nikki's room where evidence of the said Black Magic is discovered, and she is banished from the Coven, despite her obvious shock and adamant denials.

At the ritual, all are sensually dressed in black sheer lingerie and cloaks {very ideal, in My opinion}, and in the vein of "The Craft", begin invoking select dark goddesses from the cardinal points, including Hecate {"Patron Goddess of Witches"}, Pandora {"Goddess of the hidden and forbidden"}, and Diana {"Goddess of The Hunt"}, amidst howling wind, flashes of lightning. and thundering tinpan. As the rite draws to a close, a young man casually driving by becomes compelled to find this gathering, and unites with Kai to fulfill her wish. For the next phase of the evening, the witches move inside the house and produce a clay effigy to bring about Andrews' wish to reunite with her fiancee' , rubbing it with various oils until it disappears underneath a cloth - she is directed into another room where a man in a loincloth awaits her, seemingly materializing from the clay doll, to serve as a sympathetic avatar to grant her desire.

In conclusion, there is an intriguing twist in the plot, as the 'Black Witch' is finally revealed, and a Magical battle is waged which ends in a decidedly 'decorative' manner.

Besides those already mentioned, there are a few lesbian encounters, a threesome with Nikki's unsuspecting and zombified boyfriend {which the poor man is prevented from remembering}, and a delightful garden sequence between Andrews and her fiancee'. As a side note, the film was released on Walpurgisnacht XXXVI. ∞

Rating: 4/5 Phalli.

Tags: film, films, lust, movie, sex, sinemaerotica, spechtreum, witchcraft, witches

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