DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Drac in Wendy's Box

I had written about how Jack In The Box should be called "Drac In The Box" during Halloweentime, from about Fall Equinox to about November, complete with said "Jack" temporarily named "Drac" with costume of same, offering fun Halloween-themed toys, and renaming dishes on the menu to spooky appropriation.

But besides this, I quickly stopped in to this purveyor of food to sample an interesting spicy dish, when I noticed the menu has been greatly expanded to include such eclectic varieties such as eggrolls, stuffed hellapinos, burritos, etc., along with their selection of burgers, almost how like Wendy's used to be. The nocturnal "late night" offerings are a great touch, combining seemingly unconventional mixemups to create pretty good samplers, sort of like an American version of chop-suey.

Speaking of, a good novelty idea would be to offer Jack head chopsticks to go with your eggrolls. Perhaps this may be expanded upon in other markets to included holiday versions, comic characters, and more. Like Jack O' lanterns, various monsters, glow in the dark variations, Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.

Unfortunately, Wendy's has become a bit limted as of late, not even offering breakfast options anymore, or even iced coffee. She still has a great chili bowl though, which I enjoy every time I visit her for a bit more of a homestyle feel. However, female employees should have much more in0character uniforms matching Wendy's appearence, complete with collar and broach, combined with a high skirt, kneehigh socks, and a babydoll dress for best results. I suppose males would end up looking rather like Howdy Doodie or Alfred E. Newman {many do anyway}, which I suppose would add to the comedic value. ∞

Tags: black earth, dining, food, snackrifice

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