Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Dark Prince of The Power of The Air, move & appear!

NEFARIOUS NEWS: Lightning dazzles northern LA County

Mighty thunderclouds formed in the Northern sky, flashes behind atmospheric bodies, looming ominiously silent.

This past forenight, I had requested a Confirmation for a recent rite, and have now received My answer a mere day later. By the XVIII Key, Parapsychological Projection, reflection, resonance, materialization!

It is indeed ànomilous, wherein briefly I began pondering the possibility of it being perhaps artificial, cobsidering the surreal quality, and what an impressive publicity technique to attract attention towards a band performance, film premiere, grand opening, Halloween attraction, etc. An intriguing idea, but perhaps not yet. Ergo, a Hellsent manifestation to be sure.

Lucifer looms in the startled sky, enveloping with great black wings... may those Children of Darkness be comforted, empowered, as those without wonder in fear and/or confusion. For there, up on high overlooking the teeming inhabitants, a Daemonic meeting of The Hellements transpired. ∞

Hail Daemon-Brother, Draegon Lucifer! Hail Daemon-Brother, Draegon Satanas!

Tags: black book of shadows, dracumentary, magic, nature, paranormal, parapsychology, psychodrama, tales from the shadowside

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