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Greenland Market

Located in Hong Kong Valley Plaza, this shopping center features a wide variety of Asian products and specialty confections from all over the Orient.

It can be more or less stated that a whole new and ancient world is discovered upon crossing the threshold herein.

It is contingent to peruse such 'exotic' establishments to familiarize oneself with a wider worldly knowledge, apart from the common locations.

There's a deli in the back, and samples dispersed throughout the store.

As a matter of fact, there is a somewhat amusing aisle considered the veritable 'gaijin' aisle for regular American staples such a peanut butter, various canned goods and the like.

I had the opportunity to try ginger chips, Kancho* {chocolate-filled treats}; kimchi {very tart pickled cabbage, onions, radishes, etc.; fantastic for stirfry, and as a side dish}; crab & spam riceballs wrapped in seaweed {spam is very desirable in Japan}; green tea flavored mochi ice cream balls in a rice dough; and 'cream collon' (sic), a cookie-like treat with a fluted hard outer shell filled with cream which can be ingested or blown out like a straw; and a scrumptuous amber-colored large peanut-riddled taffee round.

There is also quite a variety of Nihonshu 日本酒 rice wines and general Sake 酒 liquor as well - the black raspberry caught My fancy.

Shhh... want to know a secret? I have become privy to information that I shall empart to you, should you wish to consider it. Sushi is 50% off every day at 8pm! So stock up and enjoy at your leisure.

Thank you, don't mind if I do!

An educational and stimulating experience overall, plus Asian beauties abound.

Hail Oyama, Yen Lo Wang!

* Amusingly interesting to note is an activity some jokers participate in, wherein someone unfortunately bendung over or squatting, wherein the term is bellowed while the instigator rushes the unsuspecting victim in an attempt to insert interlaced hands and protruding forefingers into the cleft!

"Gaijin bowl"

Addendum: Whereupon another recent trip to Greenland Market, I spotted this intriguing confection upon the super secret Oriental 50% off sale at 8pm every night therein.

When I first saw it, I had been referring to it as an "egg doodle" until I learned its name, when it is actually called "bibimbap" {a catchy phrase which phonetically sounds like a rhythmic beat, and is a type of Korean mixed chop-suey}*, even though the label reads "Rice Bowl Sausage: Rice, Seaweed, Sausage, Y/Radish. Seasoned radish, Ro/Kimchi, Sesame seed/Oil, Grilled Pollack, Egg"; like a Korean egg salad, all upon a bed of rice, then bathed in added soy sauce.

Amusingly, turns out the so-called "sausage" was nothing more than what appeared and tasted like a cut Bar-S hotdog! Which perhaps may have been added for the resident 'foreigners', or "gaijin" {Japanese}, "oegug-in" {Korean}, "waiguo-ren" {Chinese} demographic, with a familiar element thrown just for the American familiarity. To which I sort of wanted to apply a couple of dabs of ketchup in this select case. In which case, overall, it was rather amusing! Besides that bit of hellarity, it was quite delicious, and has become a favorite.

맛있는 Mas-issneun!

Natto {or Not-to?}

Also acquired upon this outing is this traditional Japanese breakfast repast known as 'Natto', which is essentially fermented soybeans, like bean cheese yogurt with the consistency of saliva {not unlike Edrozeba slime, though finer}, and the smell of fermenting queso. Despite the consistency and scent, it is considered quite the delicacy in many regions of Japan, and is typically prepared with rice and egg. There are actually sweet rice versions as well. All not so far different than enjoying a fine cheese like brie or Muenster and others, and which can be perfectly delicious with the correct combinations.

Touted as having very healthy beneficial results with a full supply of nutrients.

The story goes that natto was discovered by accident whereupon Samurai were feeding their horses soybeans when all were all of a sudden attacked, fighting for several days, whereupon returning to the soybean sacks, had found that they had fermented. whereupon tasting the limited resource for survival, actually relished the flavor after all, and thus became somewhat of a staple in the Japanese diet ever since.

Being an acquired taste, I would personally enjoy it once in a great while, but Am overall pleased with the opportunity to savor this confection with an educated opinion based upon experience.

But overall, you must ask yourself, "To Natto, or Not-to, that is the question!"

* Interestingly, there is also another similar dish called "dimjugbagjug-doen", another playfully phonetic term.

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