Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Lovecraftian Dining


Olive Wood Fire Pizza

So far I have ordered from this fine establishment twice, to very satisfactiry results. I was pleased to order the 'Cristina' pizza and the buttered Ajarakhan Katchapouri eggdoodle confection, both which are utter deliciousness.

First off, this traditional Armenian dish consists of cheese-filled breadough topped with two fried eggs, which immediately looked Lovecraftian to Me, reminiscent of
this piece featuring two irises on one eyeball. The Eye of Dagon or Cthulhu, as it were. Makes for perfect breakfast fare whenever the madness strikes you.

The Cristina is delectible as well, a veritable Mexican delight fusion - it is a pleasure delving into this senorita's pizza pie, slathered in cheese thereupon, ham slices, oozing with flavor and topped with hellapinos and spicy sauce.

Service is quick, and well worth the tip.

Tags: black earth, dining, food, restaurants, snackrifice

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