Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,



Black Skull bowl: Hard plastic, maybe fiberglass black bowl in the shape of a skull perched upon skeleton hands, rather reminiscent of Ed Gein’s positioning of the skull on the mandible. Good for candy, cereal bowl, and general small item storage. Nice detail.

Black Skull pitcher: A nice large two liter pitcher with an elongated skull face on both sides. Practical, with an artistic sensibility reminiscent of a Hellegant aesthetic preference. {Been wanting this since last year when first spotted, yet certain obstacles have since been overcome}.

Black Skull mug & drinking jar: Both a mug and a jar with lid and straw attachment. Ideal for floats.

White Skull mug: Colorized like bone with boney handle, for those beverages with a preference for drinking from the skulls of enemies. Ceramic.

Devil masks: I. The first, a classic, Faustian depiction with a curled moustache and widow’s peak; quite ideally Mephistophelean. II. The second, a bit more monsterly, demonic creature like, with black horns, yellow snaggle teeth, fangs, and pug nose. I shall call him Belphegor.

Large Black Skeleton hand: Intended as a lawn ornament complete with spike, it serves well for rings and assorted jewelry, as a hand of glory. {Also available are dismembered prop hands, or “hands of gory” perhaps, ideal for gloves, if so inclined}.

Black curly witch hat: An almost Harry Potter design with curled peak, rose & feather; what may be purchased at Diogon Alley. Velveteen & silken {Satin!?} materials; an overall hellegant impression.

Skullanterns: For the back and side yard, absorbing Sorath/Amun Ra diurnally, perhaps placed between sunbrellas for nocturnal illumination igniting upon dusk {complementing Seth} and an enhanced charming ambiance. Very Luciferian. {Now, for a total of 6}. One fully shaped cranium with blackened features, and another decorated with skulls and bones.


Doll chair: A little “doll chair” measuring approximately 6” high, wooden craftsmanship with painted decorations of pine trees, a forest scene, a mighty moose, and fish. Very Pacific Northwest rustic style. Nothing cheap out of a mold here with cheap materials either, but construction with an artistic sensibility, which is inherently Magical. And Boy loves it!

Tags: black earth, halloween, novelty, oddities, possessions

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