DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Scarab rising

There is a resident scarab beetle hereabouts, a tiding of beneficience, who greets daily on his way across the sky. You can feel the beating wings in the air, and the buzzing of Beelzebub's voice.

Son/Sun of The Morning, Khepri, Lucifer, Dark Angel sublime, and radiant Sorath there emanates pyramidal unholy triumverate, arising gloriously to betoken regeneration, strength, and immortality. For then Sutekh descends to bring forth the bliss of night.

Hail Setan.

Return to the Void by Magister Robert Lang

* Kephri Returns!

Tags: 666, animal kingdom, animals, black earth, nature, omen, paranormal, remmus, seasons in hell

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