Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Brimstone belt buckle

I have taken to placing the sulfur sigil upon My silver belt buckle, accompanied by a thorny vine print, somewhat like a 'Apollo's Belt', as it were... or Baphomet, in this case. Sterling silver thereupon in the form of the design used to crown The 9 Satanic Statements from The Satanic Bible. Affixed with professional adhesive, this personal project of a sudden occurred to Me, and is currently bonding at the timelessness of this writing. This idea is also apparently not marketed either.

The placement of the sigil about the center of the anatomy is perfectly positioned in regards to the ascending scale from the pelvic basin up through the spinal cord with ribcage extending. May also be seen as the Sabbatic Baphomet seated inter-legged with tunic, extensions matching elbow to elbow, shoulder to shoulder, head.

The overall design is also phallic in nature, symbolic of erect genitalia, the Lust of Satan-Baphomet, Pan-Dionysus, located precisely over the fertile lingam in a subconscious suggestion, or obvious impression depending upon the observer. As much as it resembles an erect phallus, so it could also represent the female form in Lilith.

Alchemically, it is representative of Fire & Earth. Sulfur & Brimstone represents Hell & Fire {Hellement Satan}, demonic subterranean caverns, burning with coal & the black flames of Hades. Also one of the reasons lighting a match to candles is preferable for Satanic rites, that the burning scent may pervade the chamber along with preferred and appropriate incense.

Again, also representative of the ardent passions of Lust ever burning, for carnal pleasures, strength, Power, possessions, experience, and accomplishment = Strong Life. Intense emotions, whether wrathful or salacious, which are keys to Magical activation & fulfillment. At the base is seen the infinity symbol, in constant regeneration, with extended appendages to form a trapezoidal scale.

Tags: aesthetics, art, baphomet, clothing, metaphor, philosophy, pleasures of the flesh, possessions, psychodrama, psychology, satanism, sex, symbolism

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