DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Devil Wears Crocs?

I actually like Crocs, not for some fashion trend BS, but would certainly not wear them in public. These are basically sandals/slippers/boots worn wherever appropriate for sandals and slippers, even boots to be used in all sorts of environments and weather conditions, outdoor activities which do not necessitate a formal setting. But just generally around the house, or perhaps hiking, the gym, maybe dojo, etc.

Crocs are like 4-wheel drive footwear from smooth to rough terrain, only acceptable in black {or perhaps garnet/blood red}, in My estimation. They look goofy in any other color. Made with rubber with a sturdy strap which can affix behind the heel for more secure placement, or even worn over the front mouth for an almost 'Mary Jane' look, with perforations for ventilation, and reminiscent of Voorhees' killer mask, they overall grant the impression of being heavy duty, rather like boot slippers.

Again, consider these for private wear, outdoor activities, granting enhanced traction and unstretchable dimensions. Plus the mascot is reflective of the rough, though stylish purported texture, and top-notch predator.

So if you wish to acquire these, make sure they are approximately one size larger, considering most other footwear materials tend to stretch to accommodate, formfitting to approximately 1/2-1 full size. Crocs will not stretch. For instance, My 12 Wide tends to stretch boots to about a 13; so with that in mind, I possessed size 13 Crocs, which fit perfectly, and are quite comfortable for humanimal hoofs and claws. Fuzz lining also available. Though molded into various styles now, I prefer the classic.

Worn with or without socks, but if not, you know you've found the perfect fit upon the flatulent sound now and then, precisely in the area about the arch indent. So the prada may be reserved for indoor Lair luxury, while you may wish to preserve those crocs by the back door.

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