Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Black Laden Crown


DANZIG: Black Laden Crown
LII / evilive records

Sent forth upon the blasting winds, My daemons have brought forth the current Hellvis unleashing, coursing across The Black Earth upon wheels of hellfire on Highway 9, unto The Noctuary, that The Abyss be regaled with this offering, 9 for the price of 13…

Demon winds blow through the valley of the shadow of death, the scent of burning course as infernal incense upon these blackest nights.

Immediately remarkable is the impressive retrovolutionary presentation resembling an LP {actual record possession also recommended}, but in condensed CD sized form, wherein the insert is removed sideways, folding open to reveal a plunge into a veritable hell well, subterranean chamber of dark delights, wherein a lovely succubus awaits to direct one into the further recesses of regions below.*

Evocatively timeless Artwork by Simon Bisley and Paul Brown adds another hellement to the infernal production, further stimulating the overall shadowmantic spell.


  • I. Black Laden Crown: Sounds like a procession of daemonic congregants entering to inaugurate thus sonic ritual, black robes and long chanting as long as the shadows stretching forth from the dusking gate.
  • II. Eyes Ripping Fire: On the heels of the setting sun, that’s where I live… One of the heaviest herein, thusly illustrated on the reverse side. The strength of SATAN is within Me!
  • III. Devil On Hwy 9: Devil to the metal! On the blackest road… Who is that in the rear view mirror...?
  • IV. Last Ride: Dare ride with The Reaper and survive Stronger still!
  • V. The Witching Hour: The Evil Hour approacheth… ready the relics. Light the candles, the 'sacrifice' awaits...
  • VI. But A Nightmare: A favorite personal tune herein this opus. I Am but a Devil standing by your bed… {...and in your bed, and your head...-DB}
  • VII. Skulls & Daisies: Would like to come and see her once again. Daggers in the heart drive you insane…
  • VIII. Blackness Falls: A bit more of a pondrous piece with sustainung, ranging chords to Hell and back, stretching the reaches of time and space.
  • IX. Pull The Sun: I pull the sun down from the sky… I pull the stars out of the night… I wish the moon into your eyes… And it’s raining…! {You know…}

Beautiful Demon Witch, black thorn collar, baptized in crimson essence, leathern wings fly forth, black blood courses in kind, and a nocturnal devil Sorcerer leers among the flames, emerging from the shadows with eyes aflame in lust, possessed of Satan’s thrall.

Harmonious and Heavy, wherein witches’, demoness’ tails sway, and earthquaking hoofs tap the heartbeat of Hell. Incubi & Succubi come forth…

* The addition of lyrics would indeed make this manifestation even more perfect.

Tags: danzig, malefick musick

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