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Radio Free Satan press release!

Press Release
April 5, 2005

Hell Unleashed: New Radio Free Satan Premieres

The re-launch of Radio Free Satan, appropriately descending on the
weekend of the Pope's death, is back in action, and with plenty of

The world's evilest internet radio station returns with a whole new
look, new management, and plenty of new programming!

Tune in at for a fresh stream of
around-the-clock programming, professionally produced shows, and the
wickedest personalities on the planet. Best of all, anyone with an
internet connection can hear Radio Free Satan for free without buying
extra hardware or paying for expensive subscriptions.

Hell ain't a bad place to be when you're listening to Radio Free Satan!
Stay tuned for the best music from every genre and every era -- vintage
metal, rockabilly, gothic, swing/big band, punk rock, classical,
industrial -- plus classic comedy, old-time radio serials, and mind
blowing talk and perspectives from the most outspoken minds of the
carnal world.

Visit the new website at for information on our
DJs, shows, message board, e-list, and more. Plus, new and exciting
plans for the future of RFS, including contests, podcasting, and other
ways to enjoy your Radio Free Satan.

For more info, check out--
Phone: 219-931-9300

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