DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Lights of Darkness


Solar Lanterns
RiteAid Home | [4 pack]

• White LED solar light, automatically turns on at dusk, AAA rechargeable battery
• Dimensions: 2.625”l x 2.625”w x 13”h [6.66cm x 6.66cm x 33.02cm]

Make the lightmare serve you

I had the occasion to activate these wonderfully charming resources recently, vouchsafed since Samhain, which are a really great idea overall anyway. Whereupon as the sun begins sinking into Hell, these lanterns automatically switch on upon duskening, to decorate the outdoor territory of one’s choosing with practicality and artistic illumination.

Preserved wherein the lightmare itself may serve your Nocturnal purposes, be it hosting, entertaining and/or The Rites of Darkness. It grants a sort of delightfully gloomy Pirates of The Caribbean ambience, and a subtle firefly effect, adding a certain Gothic charm to any rustic environment.

Tags: 666, black earth, decor, halloween, nocturnal, oddities, possessions

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