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Strange Events Beyond Human Understanding

Strange Events Beyond Human Understanding
S. Robert Tralins

A most excellent book of its kind, an occult anthology of eerie tales from Year I; a parapsychological documentary thriller relating a wide variety of mysteries, bleeding one into another, a veritable bibliographical Tales From The Darkside.

Favorite stories herein so far, are The Bridge Across The River Styx, The Mother Who Returned to Change Her Son’s Life, The Hobo Specter, Birthright Established By Visitation, and many more. If you enjoy presentations such as Journey Into The Unknown, you will be sure to appreciate Strange Events Beyond Human Understanding. [5/5]

Following are parapsychological impressions & hypotheses on some of these events. Join Me in analyzing this shadowy void between the worlds of psychology, parapsychology, science, and the paranormal:

TV Transmission From The Past: It seems to Me that lightning could have been the cause of the temporary electricity entering the set, in effect charging it for a short amount of time, just enough to catch an afar off transmission, as mentioned by the repairman. The etherically conducive atmosphere such as a storm, generated by ionic proliferation caught in the set as a paranatural default medium, as an attraction reflective of the couple’s subconscious desires for a home, perhaps combined with a little help from ancestors.

Birthright Established By Visitation: A subconscious projection motivated by consternation that an unscrupulous irrelative not receive undue rewards earned by the girl’s honorable parents for her preservation. She exhibits oneiric clairvoyance to divulge the location of the document, while her parents demonstrate precognition and good, considerate, practical forethought combined with a mutual dislike towards one who deserves it.

The Bridge Across The River Styx: A man refuses to die because he will not cross water in a boat, and even at the end, the River Styx is daunting, so he dreams that a bridge is built so he can cross after all. This seems like a staunch landlover who justifies with himself his own demise without having to submit; this in a time segment shortly prior to his passing.

The Hobo Specter: Through a subsequent dream, a traveling man riding the rails finds good fortune during an encounter with an apparition {precognitive projection} to lead him towards the occupation as a farmhand, with cooperation with the owner of the farm who telepathically summoned one who could succeed him.

The Mother Who Returned To Save Her Son’s Life: Psychology students may recognize the dynamics of The Jungian Shadow side operating here. The deep subconscious projection of his true innermost desires towards psychotherapy, in the form of his beloved mother whom he sees as his last guide to steer him in a direction most beneficial to himself.

The Scorpion In The Author's Bed: An obvious case if precognition from a concerned friend.

The Silent Ghost In The Jamaican Monastery: The priest had sublimated the missing note in the missal so deeply, that feelings of guilt manifested as a projection of the estranged friend confessor, and being that other monks are receptive to such occurrences, could actually also perceive the etheric / pineal projection, emanation, with subsequent resolution concluding in a more or less traditional mythological manner. Overall, a shared illusion projected by a guilty monk.

The Crying Specter: The woman's distress made an environmental impression, playing back upon the ether nightly about the same moments recorded, thus perceived by a conducive populace.

A fantastic tome on a plethora of anomalies that haunt the consciousness, from various urban legends to true case files explained, unexplained processes of nature, all presented in parapsychological fashion - the suspension bridge between psychology and the paranormal, teetering above The Abyss of One's Shadow Side, wherein gazing into The Pit, you may find one's own reflection staring back. Move steadily ahead with logic and reason, yet with a sense of adventure and wonder, to reveal many strange mysteries awaiting in the darkness.

Reads largely like a veritable Tale s From The Shadowside collection, causing one to ponder beneath the common facade of what is merely apparent.

Tags: book review, ghosts, occult, paranormal, parapsychology

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