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Manifesto of The Beast

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Manifesto of The Beast by DBlackthorne on deviantART

666 ~ what does it represent?

The Beast in man who is the Satanimal-God!

The liberation of the mind and emotions from all white-light religions!

The affirmation of oneself as The God of one's existence!

Indulgence with one's true primal nature!

Continual transformation into higher states of being!

Anger expressed as wrath towards any who would dare attempt to thwart one's evilution!

The spirit of rebellion which leads to independence!

Strength in mind and body which preserves the purity of wholeness!

Me, Myself, and I, in the totality of I AM!

The burning flame of lust which yearns for pleasure!

The instinct to lust for blood to prey upon the herd!

The sense of pride which magnifies The Self!

The natural inclination towards greed for material gain!

To strive for perfection in all that one does!

The awareness of the flesh which leads to true enlightenment!

The fount of creation to materialize the imagination!

Reason and instinct, action and re-action!

The Force of Will to cause change according to one's vision!

To utilize the Art of Deception to benefit oneself!


666 is also 9

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