Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Lex Draconum {I}


These evolutionary elements must be kept thriving and organic, to maintain honor, and embodied by the worthy:

  • Discipline is structured initiative voluntarily taken for personal evolution, with or without established cooperation.
  • Respect is earned through mutual appreciation by tested merit, not by intimidation, manipulation, fear or threat, nor is it automatically conferred through blind habit or dead tradition.
  • One is sovereign in one’s existence, and shall be free of tyranny in any form, selecting what one wills from whatever source for one’s pleasure, power, and evolution.
  • I Am the only God that Is. All else are comprised of archetypes and thought-forms which resonate, reflect, and proceed from My own intellectual shadowside perceptions and directed parapsychological projections brought forth through the appreciation and application of the black arts & psychodrama.
  • That which I lend of My efforts, time, or resources shall gain Me selfish acquisition, which shall increase same for mutual benefit, whether material or psychological. [1]
  • If one deems it worthwhile, grant others the benefit of the doubt as a matter of courtesy, and serves as a litmus test to determine character and quality. Thereafter shall they be treated in the manner deserved. [2]
  • So-called “forgiveness” is only dispensed to those who display regret for a mistake with an effort to rectify the imbalance, established in equal to greater measure, and who shall take great care to not repeat an offense; otherwise punishment shall be poetic justice. [3]
  • Sheeple merely react to situations and eachother. Satanists pro-act. Changing situations to suit one’s will.

1. If one is to graciously offer or agree to a respectfully requested favor, it is to derive reciprocation. Still, The Art of Deception can be further utilized to gain additional rewards. Otherwise it should be ignored or modified to full agreement.
2. So-called “egalitarianism” works only once! Then it becomes ‘fecalitarianism’, as a waste of time and wishful thinking for the weak and inept, like passing the inferior.
3. It is not enough to merely say “sorry”, much less actually feel sorry. They must be made to prove their sincerity with tangible effort. Words must be followed by action, otherwise such parasitic behavior may perpetuate. Genuine sentiment would naturally follow, otherwise a lesson will be dispensed.

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