Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

X marks the spot

X marks the spot

Upon recent Diabolical Machinations which have yielded several intriguing results upon a subject and those in ground zero proximity who would deem to maltreat The Devil's Own. BEHOLD!

  • Paramour's mother suffers a fall by slipping on canine urine, resulting in bleeding from vaginal orifice. Has recovered, and now returned.
  • Paramour herself twists ankle while exiting Sizzler's restaurant on her way to accompany mother, wherein she cannot stand, requiring cold compression. Now recovered.
  • Subject narrowly escapes collision while on the way back from occupation.
  • Home in which a gratuitously contrarian, mocking daughter resides suddenly enters foreclosure after remarks of likened kind.
  • Major increase in medical and law enforcement activity since The Shadow Gate was opened on Walpurgisnacht
And so it shall continue to manifest, and shall be chronologued here.

  • Rat enters domicile, evades traps. Eats food and leaves droppings.
  • Paramour’s vehicle mysteriously breaks down. Subject leaves phone in domicile while paramour calls during events, argument ensues, now not on speaking terms with each other.
  • Both of his dogs become afflicted with parvo and die, along with one of the other sacrifice's. A new puppy survives. Next day shipping fails.
  • Put in his place: Supervisor mocks subject about reasoning to take day off, which is because of the sick dogs. Now disgruntled and considering reporting supervisor for disrespectful, “unprofessional” treatment.
  • Sheriff Department begin serving him with documentation. [Yet to be deciphered at this time].
  • 6/16 - Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe: Goes to lawyer's and calls number {perhaps in an attempt to entrap and get me involved in their petty squabbles}, but the number is disconnected and are no longer at the location.
  • 7/9: Loss of property: Upon relocation of subject's relatives, the entire portion of subject's property stored there is left behind under lock & key for the bank to collect and dispense.
  • 7/11 [1]: Admits self to hospital for high blood pressure concerns, inspired by multiple overwhelming stress concerns.
  • 7/11 [2]: During online payment of storage at approximately The Witching Hour, overhead ceiling lamp flickers, internet sources fail to connect until just after midnight, and a pervasive sense of malevolence permeates. Even though payment is a full day late, there is no late fee applied.
  • On the day its wormy brother mentions that we are disallowed to use electricity unless subject is on premises, local DWP plant erupts into flames, blacking out service to thousands of customers; in effect stating that if we can't use electricity, nobody can. Soon thereafter, outdoor lightbulb pops.
  • 7/22: Slashes finger on corner of hood while berating pettily and displaying ingratitude for help with carrying auto parts about. Also turns out the hood was the mode by which the mice were initially transported into domicile, which occurred during another tantrum which began this justified course of punishment.

Tags: black book of shadows, dracumentary, magic, sacrifice, tales from the shadowside

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