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Jesus Christ Pose/r

Seemingly typically, this runtish musician Chris/t Cornhole person commits suicide by hanging, and everyone pretends like they knew the guy, while just yesterday they probably didn't think about him twice. One would think that this would instead be a rather disappointing or embarrassing association. As a public performer, appearance-wise, he actually reminds Me of a chihuahua. I can see some value as an entertainer, and the character portrayed onstage, but why some sheeple go out of their way to meddle into someone's personal homelife or family, seems terminally pathetic.

Then there are those who deem to be the first to relay the news, in a parasitic, vulture-like fashion, as if they really care one way or the other, except that they derive some sort of attention from other nobodies like themselves.

I Myself Am familiar with some of Soundgarden's tunes from hearing them now and then on the radio or seeing a video on some late night show once upon a timelessness. Most notably, Black Hole Sun and Jesus Christ Pose, and to a lesser extent, Rusty Cage, Outshined, and Spoonman. Never met the guy, so I can't say there's anything personal at all, but My overall impression is mostly that of indifference. The heavy, grooveful music is okay, though it is scrap metal, or grunge, but I don't care a whit about his personal life or mental problems, just like others before him.

But ironically, for an acclaimed so-called rebel in an "alternative" genre, he indeed followed in the ultimate loser's, the nazarene's sandal steps, taking the final "Jesus Christ Pose", as christinsanity would overwhelm, infect and inflict; or as Raven would assert, "He took the coward's way out!" I cannot have any compassion for anyone who would go that loser route, and can only see the hangman game with their names thereupon.

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