Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands
{1990 c.e., Directed by Tim Burton, Starring Vincent Price, Johnny Depp, Wynona Ryder}

"...before Edward came along, it never snowed here."

There amidst mediocre and complacient suburbia, above the pastel and stucco eyesores of the herd's domiciles, imperiously stands the shadowy dominant mass, Lair to one Edward Scissorhands {Johnny Depp}, tragically left alone without human hands by the premature death of his father-inventor {Vincent Price}, who taught him the noble virtues of deportment and civility. The local Avon-Lady "Peg" {Dianne Wiest}comes around seeking to sell her wares {she is actually more gutsy than anyone else in that town}, slowly making her way through the lambent corridors into the darkest recesses of the castle, until finally perceiving movement in the delapitated attic, but despite her frightful impression, she decides to relocate Edward down with her into the booboisie dwellings. Surprisingly, her family takes a liking to the gothicesque character, clothing of tight black leather, straps and silver buckles, pale complexion, dark eyes, crowned with spiked and dishevelled hair - sort of a cross between Robert Smith and Hellraiser's "Pinhead" {I always thought the latter character should have had more of a regally infernal name, something like "Lord Asmodeus" or some such, but I digress}, redressing him in the common accoutrement of the culture.

As his presence becomes known, the local frustrated and busy-body housewives, especially one processed Tom Jones-listening lushful tart, begin yammering it up with intrigue and petty gossip, and in her case, lustful intent. And another, a comical jesus-freak who warns the other women to beware, that The Devil has arrived - when not spreading paranoia, she sequesters herself in her hovel praying and playing her organ. Edward's natural talents manifest as he attempts to settle in, displaying remarkable skills in imaginative hedge-trimming, hairstyling, and ice-sculpture, making him a neighborhood sensation with the ladies, although his charming naivetee' belies his fearsome appearence.

He becomes infatuated with the family daughter Kim {Wynona Ryder}, who eventually reciprocates his sentiments, despite the efforts of her bullying jock 'boyfriend' Jim {Anthony Michael Hall}, inclusive of framing him for a robbery, and persistent name-calling. Through this pretentious attempted intigration, Edward remains the outsider frequently displaying noble personality traits and inherent superiority, with a desire to repay the consideration given him, but instead is himself reciprocated with hypocrisy, ingratitude and hostility by the rabble. He finally reaches his tolerence level and decides to return to his total environment, his own black haven, but is persued by Jim, the misdirected masochistist, who is subsequently justifiably punished for his antagonism.

Sadly, Kim and Edward cannot live together because of these events, so she returns to the town and lives out her days in regretful contemplation, eventually relating the story to a grand-daughter one snowy night. In a most memorable and pathos-inducing scene, still as a nubile maiden, she twirls and dances in the snow produced by Edward's Magical ice creations, raining down upon the town. Apparently, being a Magical creature himself, Edward does not seem to age, but continues producing his marvels perpetually.

What this film does seem to display are the results of solipsism and pretentiousness, which are answered with ignorance and insensitivity by inferiors, despite his sincere efforts, his productive alienation is inevitable, and he remains in the purity of his darkly divine autonomy.

The music is hauntingly beautiful, conjured by Musickal Magician Danny Elfman, whose eclectic orchestrations I thuroughly enjoy through their many manifestations. The aesthetics are enthralling, repleat with trapezoidal angles and awe-inspiring perspective. I especially appreciated the sweeping staircase and the enchanted garden.

Edward Scissorhands is a romantic escapade into the life of one de-facto characterization of the outcast, who proves to be just too distinguished for the boorish populace.

Rating: 5/5.


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