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E-Mail from the Dead.

Get one yet? You might, according to Brad Steiger, author
of more than 150 books on the paranormal. Brad maintains
that high-tech messages from the dead should come as no
surprise. Phone calls from the dead have been recognized
for decades by the paranormal community. E-mail from the
deceased can be seen as a simple technological advance in
communications from the Other Side. Says Steiger, "If you
believe as I do, that the dead often have unfinished
business on Earth, then you can understand that e-mails are
just another route to the living. Especially to loved ones,
relatives and other significant individuals."

Other experts speculate that as video cell phones improve,
that séances will be conducted without the participants
occupying the same physical space. This will enable
ordinary people to have access to the best clairvoyants
without incurring enormous travel expenses. The psychic
would remain in contact with her clients via the video
phone, allowing her to monitor their conditions and whether
anything unusual was taking place, such as a release of
ectoplasm or even a possession by an evil entity. While
this approach is fraught with obvious legal and professional
risks, I'm told that many on the cutting edge of the
clairvoyant community are excited about its prospects.

As one psychic told me, "The time has come for us to make
our services available to many people who cannot now afford
them, in a way that still allows us to earn a decent living.
People of all stripes should be able to communicate with
their deceased loved ones, not simply the wealthy. I
eagerly anticipate the democratization of clairvoyant
services that will take place over the next decade."

How Not to Hold an Exorcism.

Here's a tip for all of you aspiring exorcists out there
(and we hope there are none). Recently, seven people died
in rural Bolivia after a room in which they were holding
an exorcism filled with carbon monoxide fumes. Authorities
in the small mountain village discovered that a self-
proclaimed exorcist had been attempting to rid a 15-year-old
boy of demons that were allegedly causing him to twirl in a
circle for hours at a time. But it wasn't evil spirits that
caused the deaths. The room was being heated by burning coal
in a steel bucket, which caused the deadly carbon monoxide

Of Coffee Breaks and the Occult.

Two former employees of a social services agency in South
Korea have filed suit claiming they were repeatedly exposed
to the occult—while at work! The pair says that three other
employees burned foul-smelling candles and spread human bone
dust in the office to cleanse it of evil spirits. Here's the
grabber—the lawsuit states that those three employees
believed that their immediate supervisor was the Devil! And
that she had evil powers she used to make them sick. The
alleged events took place in late 2003. None of those
involved continues to work at the office.

UFO Sighting #1.

Hello Gus:
"About four years ago I observed what to me appeared to be
a large aircraft making a landing (or crash landing) on my
three acres of property. It did not land but rose over my
house and turned to the right and accelerated. The thing
was very silent until it had passed my place and then I
heard the sound of a very muffled jet engine. I live near
I-70 in Missouri, home to the Stealth Bomber. That evening
I learned of at least two other similar reports. I have
reported this to the UFORC."

UFO Sighting #2.

Hi Gus:
"A few months ago I saw a dark object shaped like Batman's
cape at night over my house. No lights, no sound. Moving
incredibly slow. It flew right over me, not far above the
tree tops. I ran inside to get my binoculars, but when I
came out seconds later, the object was nowhere in sight.
Other people saw it as well because it was in the

- Taken from various sources.

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