DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

NOW AVAILABLE: The Devil's Diary XXVII / Walpurgisnacht LII

The Devils Diary XXVII: Walpurgisnacht LII

Wicked Winds have brought forth another issue for your rumination & contemplation, fanning the hellfires to rage ever higher! In this stygian subterranean labyrinthine Grotto, The Draegon there leers from the gloom, black flames purifying all but the most potent, forging stronger still, with illuminating parchment scrolls unfolding by abyssal lantern’s glow. There writ by sanguineous stain and impressed with dread symbols, wrought by daemon hand & devil quill, words spark aflame by the mention of Infernal Names, as those who have flown forth on leathern wings across The Black Earth, return triumphantly bearing foreboding tidings and forbidden works, to be cast upon the shadowsphere…

Presented are offerings from Barry Mac, David Padgett, and others. Subject matter ranges from an observation of misandry & misogyny, a primordial forest myth resurrected as the evocative Pipi Longstocking, the biblical anomaly of Horny Moses!, salaciously pleasureful rites of the flesh, & amusing psychological manipulations; plus Diabolically Hellmarked Greetings through Seasons In Hell, Satanic Serenades, plunge the netherealms of Gotham in The Shadow Gallery, Noctuarium multimedia reviews featuring The Black Earth adventures, Satan’s Scroll, Spechtreum oracle visualizations, the Magic & Mystery of Tales From The Shadowside, blasphemous elucidations from The Book of Blindlight, misanthropic contemptlations from Nefarious News. Also featured are those brave empowered souls who have dared possess The Black Arts & Witch Crafts.

Through barbed gates & trapezoid towers, unto darkened heavens and phantom clouds, may these pages be thy wings into the deepest shadowside of the swirling Abyss.

Tags: black arts & witch crafts, blackthorne productions, devil's diary, holiday, horror, literature, magazine, metaphor, poetry, psychodrama, seasonal, seasons in hell, symbolism, walpurgisnacht

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