DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Some Things That Should Exist...

Dragon Coffee Maker: A brewer in the shape of an entwining dragon, perhaps the shape of the carafe may be that of a castle tower. With the steam exiting from the nostrils and mouth, and even the percolation resembling a growl.

Spider bracelet: The body and legs of a large arachnid {such as a camel spider} wrapped about the forearm.

The Devil’s Rain [variant]: By no means meant to “replace” , but instead complement this landmark production. Of course, also a Biography production on Magus LaVey.

Halloween Rain lamp: A much wider variety of inclusions therein, from various characters, to haunted house structures and sinister dioramas complete with perhaps music and strobe effects to mimic lightning & thunder.

{This post shall be preserved for ideas that need to be made manifest upon the world}. ∞

Tags: biography, multimedia, novelties, oddities, prediction

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