Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

TravHell with The Devil

Satan On Board!

Going forth upon a field trip yesterday, wherein two little kids, perhaps brother & sister, accompanied by their male guardian, board the transport, and sit across from Me. All three obviously intimidated beyond belief, and through no purposeful fault of My own, from their perspective, and considering her Superman shirt, I can imagine they categorizing my appearance of that of some comic villain or some such, for I Am comfortably attired in mostly black from head to toe, leather boots, a spiked bracelet, rings, dark sunglasses, deviltail, tall and muscularly large as well, greatly adding to the lighthouse effect I tend to exhibit. I caught the girl looking up at their guardian, sizing him up, looking a bit disappointed, and almost crumpling into the seat, while she and her brother kept gazing at me in sideways glances in an almost sheer horror, yet in truth I mean them no harm whatsoever.

When contemplating Myself, it is wiser to consider Batman in the comic universe, not some insane character or gratuitously, and pointless criminal type who revels in mindless killing, cruelty, or some such. In fact, I Am likely to protect them from any such types.

Unfortunately, but naturally for them, it seems likely that these children will grow into regular generics some day, like their parents, not the perceptive child who can detect a truer disposition, then perhaps evolve into similar individuality, and their unique self-creation.

Hell Cop?

Then while awaiting the transport back, a passing patron of Kountry Folks restaurant walked by, with a greeting affirming a law enforcement role, as in “How ya’ doin’, Officer?” to which I nodded, and that was that. It was amusing and complementary at the same time. Considering My respect, appreciation, and involvement in law & order responsibilities since elementary school, where I was a Safety Officer for the 5th & 6th grades complete with badge. Well, either this person was quite optically challenged, or I was at a certain angle, posture and demeanor to grant the impression of such, but it does seem rather intriguing that I did not pursue that avenue of employment after all, instead of the scholastic, intellectual, autodidactic, creative, artistic. Maybe it was the “star”… Sgt. Demon? Badge #666, “Hell Cop”.

Interesting to note that in both instances, the veritable extremes in projected impressions resulted in diametrically opposed reactions. Those who know, KNOW… those who do not or cannot, fear. Just like Batman.

{Additionally, I spotted several desirable beauties along the way, and at the destination, all of whom I would, if opportunity presents, in the name of and by the grace of Satan & Lilith, slather lingually and thrust contemplatively with great enthusiasm}. ∞

~ Mr. Hellvedere.

Tags: #666, 666, aesthetics, batman, black earth, clothing, comics, diary, dracling, dracumentary, infernal progeny, misanthropology, social observation, travel

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