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Cleaning {print} house!

Since The Noctuary relocation, I was using another printing establishment serving Blackthorne Productions, but unfortunately, these employees displayed incompetence and perhaps even purposeful stuporstitious 'sabotage', as on a couple of occurences, I had to return to request corrections made on some material I had replicated. It seemed that almost every time I elicited their services, something was either askew, upside-down, or otherwise disorganized. From time to time, I would be at least contented that they would offer sizable discounts in attempted 'reperations'. Really made Me wonder what the requisites for being employed in that establishment were, which seemed basically nil. I began to wonder if some of these 'mistakes' were actually perpetrated on purpose, and if there was some sort of blindlight agenda covertly put forth by a shit-disturbing incognito christian manager {one of whom wore an ostentacious crucifix}. This last time was the last straw, the "splinter that broke the nazarene's back", as it were, and I moved My business elsewhere, to the original location where I had not experienced such problematic interaction, and was in fact, pleasant. Well, out of curiosity, and being that I needed something simple to be copied, I decided to go back to that place for a last-minute purpose, when lo and behold, I noticed none of the original staff present. Well, it seems that they were all fired 'for some reason', which to Me, only confirms My suspicions, and they have been dealt with via 'Infernal Intervention' in My opinion. Needless to say, My select materials were flawless. Problem solved. Incompetence and pretentiousness are not tolerated, and so, Diabolic Justice is done, and The Devil takes His due. Hail Victory! Hail SATAN.


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