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Nefarious Newsletter V. 174, 175, 176


I. Quotations: Oscar Wilde, Richard Bach, Hermann Goering,
Mark Twain.
II. Shadowmantium Evilutions: The Sinister Screen, Black Heart
Poetry, Bitches of Christ.
III. Nefarious News:  A Penny Saved is Two Million Pennies
Earned, I See London, I See France..., Boy Gets Hopping Mad At
Easter Bunny, A New Form of Gregorian Chant?, Man Finds Out
Large Jug is a Deadly Crock, Vibrating Sex Doll Shakes Up A
Bomb Scare, What the Devil is This!?, Man's Best Friend...
With Benefits, Mixed-up Cartoon Videos Not a Laughing Matter.
IV. Interesting Facts & Foibles: Bizarre Almost Unexplainable
V. Loki's Laughter: Onestone.
VI. Wicked Words: epigone, urbane, booboisie.
VII. Satanovision: Monster Hoax, House of Santeria,
Nightstalker, Traci Lords, LA County Coroner, Charles Whitman,
Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy.
VIII. Hell's Bar & Grill: Old-Time Deviled Eggs with Hot
Bacon-Dill Dressed Salad.
IX. The Devil's Web: Temple of The King, Hollywood Costumes &
Party, Notre Dame, Latin Dictionary,
X. The Shadow Gallery: "Vampire Skull."


I. Quotations: William Mather Lewis, Erica Jong, Robert
Browning, Helen Keller, Kathleen Norris.
II. Black Heart Poetry: 'The Age of Fire' by Sir Asmodeus.
III. Nefarious News: Policeman No Friend to Parrot, Man
Bypasses Sleep Throughout Heart Surgery, Birthday Suit
Required, Legal Stink Over Flatulent Footwear, The Ultimate
Booby Prize, Wine enema!, Red Baron Main Suspect in Snoopy
Beheading, Judge Deals with Monkey Business at the Zoo, Almost
Dead Man Walking, Revenge Tastes Sweet, Paging Norman Bates,
That Cat Can Shoot.
IV. Interesting Facts & Foibles: Bizarre Phobias.
V. The Black Earth: Cochon De Lait Festival.
VI. Wicked Words: stygian, vade mecum, wastrel, fagin.
VII. Loki's Laughter: Fall from grace...
VIII. Hell's Bar & Grill: Hot Drunken Spareribs, Chicken
Succotash Pie, Chocolate Buttermilk Pie.
IX. The Devil's Web: Sympathy for The Devil, C'Est LaVey.
X. The Shadow Gallery: Night Ride...


I. Shadowmantium Evilutions: Infernal Progeny, The Devil's
Child, L'Alignement Infernal, Les Dix Péchés Draconiens,
Impersonation Alert.
II. Quotations: Horace, Lin Yutang, Jim Rohn, Richard Bach,
John Wayne.
III. Black Heart Poetry: Prayer of Devotion by Lianna
IV. Nefarious News: Faulty Vibrator Gets Woman Shook Up,
Judge Boots Father From Watching Lego Competition, Raining
Like Rats And Dogs, Bigamist or Bigamister?, Dog Coughs Up a
Couple of Karats, Future In-laws Tie the Knot, Football Sized
Tumor Removed From Man's Face, IKEA Store Opening A Real Riot,
She Had Quite A Ball, Townspeople Turned On to Naked Karaoke,
That's My Stash Officers, Plummeting Puppy Pegs Passerby,
Fugitive Caught in Non-Sticky Situation, Savior of Lost
Rodents, Agony of De-Pig's-Feat, Woman Stiffed After Sex,
Judge Disgusted by Man's Naked Venture.
V. Interesting Facts & Foibles: Bizarre Couples.
VI. Loki's Laughter: Playboy son.
VII. Wicked Words: cimmerian, pecksniffian.
VIII. Hell's Bar & Grill: Spring Rolls, Beef Stew, Apple
IX. The Devil's Web: Anton LaVey Tribute Gallery, Engrish,
Turtle survives fire, but 'Satan' appears on shell.
X. The Shadow Gallery: Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey with Jayne
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