Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Dark Knight Rising


BATMAN {Dark Knight Rises} | Bandai
SPRṺKITS Poseable figural model kit

We have our own super hero/antihero in The Dark Knight, a favored darketype, a mask of Satan. I can imagine the darkened form sifting in the shadows, descending upon a thieving miscreant, and while administering punishment stating Satanic Rule of The Earth #6, and otherwise punishments according to these Satanic tenets. And you know there’s a ritual chamber hidden somewhere in Wayne Manor…

So whereupon a recent excursion did I happen to possess this model kit by Bandai. A satisfying construction with fine detail, maneuverable joints, and even an adjustable cape that gives the impression of flying in the night wind, as he ascends to overlook the city on demonic wings, horns framed by the misty moon; and its inhabitants like a hellish gargoyle from on high. A stand is also included to proudly depict the figure in dignified strength, granting an overall trapezoidal presentation. ∞


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