DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Season Leviathan LII

Seasons In Hell

There lurking in deepest depths, in Stygian labyrinthine grottoes of murk, bone, and brine, serpentine Draegon Leviathan stirs and arises majestically in Satanic splendor, with tempest in wake, coursing above and below with Hellemental bliss.

There through forest mist run satyr, faun, & nymphs, shadows from Hell & Earth, cleft and crevasse, verdant life bursts forth, seeds ripened with lush blushing pome, Dionysian food of the thorny vine, and nubile flesh awash in the Zam-Zam tide, glistening by sun & moon, stars reflecting through daemon eyes course the length of the sky.
By Baphomet's Grace, may pleasures be many, and treasures be plenty, the cup of Bacchus be ever filled, as The Blessings of Hell crest as passionate waves of black infernal flames of indulgence!
Hail Lust! Hail Lilith! Hail SATAN.

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Vernal Equinox, LII Anno Satanas

Tags: equinox, nature, poem, poetry, satanic serenades, seasonal, seasonal greetings, seasonal message, seasons, seasons in hell

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