Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Heavy Metal Graveyard

Once again, accompanying a relation as a favor to lend My superior strength in this desolate environment 'neath the gloomy light of a cold sun...

...When on the way thereunto, a familiar vision from Knight Rider fane... Garthe and Goliath in disguise? Or another FLAG mobile unit?

A mere segment of the accursed place itself... windswept, dusty, dirty, oily, dead like an automotive graveyard... reminds of the KR episode Junk Yard Dog, and otherwise the environment likened in Terminator and Mad Max.

What a chassis! Although she did stand out, rendered by one of our own, a veritable jewel in the rough inseparably merged thereupon a destroyed fender, who also pointed the way to a couple of tomboy beauties engaged under the hood nearby this dying palm tree...

...Subsisting on nothing but oily rainwater and various automotive fluids, and also looks like it has been on fire at some point.

Into The Unknown
Sun descending again into The Inferno, pointing the way home upon the Magical duskening hour, where relief, reward and indulgence awaits.

Arctic Castle Fatskull! Complete with drawbridge, towers, and steeples!

Tags: adventure, autobiography, automotive, biography, black earth, diary, dracumentary, knight rider, knightrider, travel

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