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On "Road Rage"...

So there is much a-do about so-called "road rage" nowadays, said to be due to stress and short tempers. I wrote a projection / visualization in "Neighborly Psychological Warfare" about how to deal with such vehicular pests, and it has an amazing effect, which both relieves frustration, and manipulates the situation to one's favor. But what are the herd to do to alleviate such impulses? I think a lesson can be taken from the bonobo monkeys {"Pan paniscus"}, who retain a sense of well-being through masturbation. What Am I proposing? That instead of screaming out the window or expressing vulgar gesticulation, these shit-disturbers should put their fingers to better use and try some auto-manipulation, as a form of "stress therapy" on themselves, and thus improve their social behavior. They can pull over to a relatively secluded spot, or inconspicuously fondle themselves on the road... just be sure to keep at least one hand on the wheel! And if they feel the compulsion to "flip the finger", they can instead insert it deep into a far more subtle spot with no-one the wiser... just make sure to wipe the sweat from your lip afterwards.


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