DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

She's a pip!

"I am Pippi Longstocking. If you say it fast it's funny. Pippi Pippi Longstocking, how I love my happy name. I'm only nine. I always live alone, inside my Papa's house, until he comes back home, from far off somewhere. I have special friends of course: a monkey and a horse. They share in my adventures too..."

The character of Pippi Longstocking created by Astrid Lindgren is quite a Satanic character in the sense that she is fiercely independent, unconventional yet practical, overall eccentric, imaginative, consistently displaying ingenuity, even athleticism, with a compassion for four-legged animals, whom she treats as friends, who along with Annika and Tommy, enjoy the total environment mansion of Villa Villekulla.

She's also quite the autodidact, learning mostly from experience and uncommon sense. In addition, it is also interesting that the chronological numerage happens to be "9". Could you suppose those braids are actually horns in disguise?

It has been posited that Pippi is a veritable pwcca, likened a Puck, a sprite, considering her inhuman strength - a Magical creature to be sure. Overall, an inspirational figure to never lose or let slack that inherent Magic within.

Tags: aesthetics, archetypes, dracling, infernal progeny, legends, literature, past orthodoxies, timeless orthodoxies, total environment

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