Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Horny Moses!

From time to time in several depictions through to the Renaissance, the old Jewish urban legend known as "Moses" is depicted having horns from the statue by Michelangelo, to the painting by Rembrandt, with several versions in-between. Various meanings have been posited, even one by Freud, but I have a couple more to add:

  • 1. Moses was granted horns whereupon demanding to the Demiurge that his people be forgiven, who then like an angelic Lucifer {or natural humanimal}, transformed unto a demonic/animalistic Satan upon this challenging interaction.
  • 2. The horns represent rage in finding the people engaged in the pleasures of the flesh and worshiping the Moloch idol.
  • 3. Perhaps since Moses fabricated these moral codes which may have been necessary at the time to promote civility for progression, so he was the origin, and thus was actually self-deifying, so those adherents thereunto the new "law" were in fact idolizing his own creation. [See The Moses Prognosis, The X Excrements; The Devil's Scroll]

It is often the case that characters of heroic stature, or archetypal characterization are depicted increasingly diabolical upon higher evolution. Whereupon it has been semantically opinionated that these are not "horns", but "rays", or a reference to so-called "shining" {celestial reflection of The God; Hindi 'deva' derivation}. In which case, perhaps this may be referring to trepanation. A literal or figurative double-trepanation in this case, to stimulate and/or facilitate expressions of both halves of the cerebrum, the analytical {intellectual composition}, and the imaginative {psychodramatic projection} complementing one another in tandem.

Upon observing some or these depictions, it can also be divulged that these illustrations resemble but the Pagan Green Man, which is understandable, considering most, if not all J/C mythology was lifted from more ancient, and superior legends.

Tags: aesthetic, art, blindlighters, gallery, history, literature, mythology, pagans

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